Velashape III

It is a treatment that combines infrared, radiofrequency and a massage whose function is to warm the tissues and thus improve from the surface to the depth.
The combination of massage and infrared together with the radiofrequency produces heating of fat cells and subsequent lipolysis (breakdown of adipocytes), improvement of surrounding fibrous septa and stimulation of underlying dermal fibers of collagen. It differs from other treatments because it gives a greater radiofrequency to the adipositos and greater production of collagen by its agreement with infrared. This process promotes blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, cell metabolism and collagen formation, as well as improving fibrosis (it is a hard tissue that pulls the skin, forming the skin or orange peel), also remodel the extracellular matrix.
As a final result is localized reduction in centimen of areas impossible to deal with other treatments, as well as an improvement of the orange peel, texture and tension of the surrounding skin.