Soprano Nir (Hair Removal Laser)

Soprano XL uses 810 nm diode laser technology, which is the gold standard in hair removal lasers. The procedure is done by especialized doctors in all cases.

It Works through the emission of monocromatic light photons that are scanned by the hair melanin until it achieves the follicle, eliminating it, without harming the skin. The changes are noticed from the beginning of the treatment increasing the results each meeting.

Number of sessions:

The number of sessions depends on each patient, the color of the hair and skin phototype, needing approximately between 6 and 10 sessions. They’re done every 30 to 45 days.

Zones to be treated:

You can treat any zone, as long as it meet the appropiate conditions for a good result.


During treatment, you can only use depilatory cream or shave point, because if hair root is pulled up with depilatory wax or shaving tweezers we wouldn’t be able to reach the bulb, because hair is the vehicle used by the laser.


  • Pregnancy
  • Nursing
  • Extremely tanned skin
  • Isotretinoina (Roacutan)
  • White hairs

Soprano hair removal laser has proved to be the most effective treatment for hair elimination in a permanent and secure way suitable for all types of skin, even moderatly tanned ones, practically without pain.