This is a simple therapeutic concept that aproximates the drugs just into the problem area, through minimal intradermic doses. Through mesotherapy we are be able to graft directly in the cellulite tissue the appropiate doses of medicines. It’s also effective in the treatment of flaccidity, localized adiposity and facial aging.

Number of sessions required:

It depends on the amount of cellulite, flaccidity or localized adiposity that patient presents, but in general between 10 to 12 sessions are enough.

They must be done every 7 days.

Is it painful?

It depends on the pain threshold of each patient, feeling it as a mosquito bite. It´s better to do it manually because with the mesotherapy gun, plenty of drug is wasted, without reaching the right amount to the treated site.

Procedures that can be combined with:

  • Accent
  • Titan A
  • Thermotherapy
  • Electrostimulator
  • Lymphatic drainage boots